Renowned accounting and consulting firm in Singapore

Finance and accounts play a very pivotal role in any business organization. The accounting and finance of an organization should be managed by professionals to ensure smooth working of the company as a growth and development of a company depends upon a number of factors. The impact of finance is vast and it can sometimes have a long-lasting effect on the overall productivity of a business. There are several points that are kept in mind while managing a company apart from finance; legal and compliance issues should also be given utmost importance. One has to be constantly on toes and must have a proper knowledge and experience in the corporate sector to ensure everything is taken care of and maintained properly.

FM Accounting and Consulting Pte Ltd. is the best corporate secretarial services firm in Singapore. We help you manage your legal and compliance matter with professionalism. We will guide you in case of any mergers, acquisitions or takeovers. We help you to get all the formalities done properly. There are so many rules and regulations as well as paperwork is required to be done and having a professional team of legal experts is always an advantage.

We have one of the best professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the field. We provide you with a named company secretary for your business. We ensure all the minute books are maintained properly. We take care of your return filling to ACCRA as and when applicable.

Also, we help aspiring people in setting up a business in Singapore.  In case you are worried about how to register a company in Singapore? You need not worry at all and you can simply leave it on us. Our executives will meet you within twenty-four hours at your most convenient time to discuss it, understand your objectives and suggest the best solutions.


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